Wholesale Products Direct Terms and Conditions

As a wholesale buyer or seller using this webiste, you are automatically agreeing to abide by each of the terms and conditions set forth below.  If you do not agree, with ALL of the terms and conditions, you need to leave this website immediately.

Wholesale Products Direct is not involved in any of the actual sales between a buyer and a seller.  As such, Wholesale Products Direct will not be held liable for any transaction issues between a buyer and seller.  We will not be held responsible for any shortages, cancellations, discounts, shipping fees, or any other issue between a buyer and seller.

Wholesale Products Direct is only acting as an agent that is responsible for having manufacturers' items available in one convenient place to ensure an easier wholesale shopping experience for store owners and professional buyers.  We are a listing venue ONLY.

The minimum amount required to place an order will vary with each manufacturer.  

It is the buyers and sellers responsibility to ensure that the sales are legitimate and the correct tax exemption information is available and on record for legal purposes in your state of business.

In order to build confidence and trust between buyers and sellers, Wholesale Products Direct reserves the right to limit or remove seller privilieges, as recourse to any issue that we are aware of and deem as not being resolved appropriately.  Wholesale Products Direct strives to list only reputable manufacturers on our website.  Our 'reviews' system, also, helps to ensure positive transactions for all members of Wholesale Products Direct.

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